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Do We Still Need a Bypass Trust?
Estate Planning for Married Couples 

Trust Funding and Beneficiary Designations
What to do after setting up your living trust


JULY 2018:

Six Things Every Permanent Resident Should Know About Estate Planning

Getting Stated on Your Advance Health Care Directive?
Here’s What You Need to Know


APRIL 2018:

Medi-Cal and the Family Home      
Want to protect your home from Medi-Cal recovery? SB 833 offers some new options.

Should Mom Set Up a Joint Account?      
What to do when your elderly parent needs help paying bills. 



Rise (and Sunset) in the Estate Tax Exemption
Implications of the new estate tax law on estate planning

The Fate of Your Digital Assets
Facebook photos and Gmail messages are just some of your digital assets.
What happens to them when you die?

Parents, Kids, and Inheritance of Real Property
Making the most of the parent-child reassessment exclusion 



Revocable Transfer on Death Deeds

The End of Life Option Act



Property Insurance for Real Property in Trust

Title Insurance for Real Property in Trust